Lure of the Prairie Monster, Part 2


We continue our story. For part 1, click here.

Viv and Tess walked along the barbed-wire fence, lighting matches and dropping them. There were more efficient ways of igniting a pasture, but Viv liked playing with matches. Occasionally they’d turn around and watch the line of flames coming to life behind them.

“I can’t stop thinking about that –thing. I hope we see him,” said Tess.

“He better not touch any of our cattle.  I’ll shoot his ass so fast you won’t believe it.”

“Jeb Chase said the bullets bounced right off.”

And then the monster was there. He’d just stepped to the top of the hill ahead, and he towered over the two women, roaring louder than any sound she’d ever heard before. It felt as if the sound went through Tess’s body, catching up every cell in vibrations so powerful she might explode.

“Run to the truck!” yelled Viv, and took off. After a few seconds she looked back and saw she was running alone. “COME ON! RUN!!”

But Tess was paralyzed. She’d never felt so drawn to anyone or anything. She couldn’t move away, didn’t want to. She looked up at him, holding one hand to shade her eyes from the sun. His thick, rough skin had the color of weather-bleached limestone, with sparse, wiry hair sticking out in tawny tufts. And of course, there was that enormous cock, as big as her entire body. Was there a female one of these, somewhere, for him to mate with?

“Get in the truck!” Viv had pulled up on the road on the other side of the fence. “Hurry!”

Tess looked back at the monster. She took a step forward. He tilted his head down, and the massive legs bent into a crouch. She braced against his breath, like a hot wind. She was surprised that it had an earthy, organic aroma, but not unpleasant. He looked at her, with eyes that showed awareness. He was studying her. She stared into his eyes, and knew she was safe. He could swat her like a fly, but he wouldn’t.

“Over here! Get in the truck!” Viv was laying on the horn.

She took another step forward. There was darkness in her peripheral vision, then a firm, warm grip wrapped around her torso. He had fingers somewhat like an ape, but with claws more like a dog. The grip was light enough that she could wriggle out if she chose to. But she didn’t.

The hand raised her dizzyingly high in the air, and brought her against his chest. His skin was rough and hard as the native rock of the hills. She leaned in and felt the warmth, and listened to the deep, slow thud of his heart.

He walked. Tess felt in her bones the rhythm of his heavy footsteps; the long sideways sway, the drop of each gargantuan foot, vibrating the earth with the force of a boulder. After a while she peeked down at the mind-boggling erection, and was startled to notice that she was aroused. Sure, it was nice to look at, but what on earth would she do with a thing that size?

She closed her eyes, relaxing into his hand.


When he stopped walking, she looked around. She’d thought she’d known every hill in the county, but she didn’t recognize where they were. The ground was black from burning, and a thick haze of smoke hung in the air. The monster was settling himself down beside a hill, and he gently set Tess on a ledge of rock that jutted out flat, high on the side of the hill. When he lay down beside the ledge, she saw that his craggy skin made it possible for him to blend into the prairie and be invisible, for all his enormity; the blackened earth, however, left him vulnerable. If he’d wanted to eat her or otherwise harm her, he could easily have done so by now, several times over; and so she decided she was safe with him, and lay on the sun-warmed rock beside his face, wondering what would happen next.

He continued to gaze at her. His breath was hot and moist as a sauna, so warm that she was soon soaked in sweat. After a while she decided to take off her clothes. He wasn’t human, after all, so it really wasn’t any different from being naked in front of a dog or cat, was it?

There was a very low, but very loud, rumble. It was so low that she felt it rather than heard it, felt it deep in her body, in her gut, and in her pelvis. It was a pleasant feeling, and she smiled a little as she lay on the warm rock. She closed her eyes, and it wasn’t until she felt his touch that she realized that the rumble was coming from him, from his throat. And the touch –oh, the touch. Who would ever have imagined that the touch of this giant, lumbering, prairie monster could be so delicate? He stroked her with a finger that was stubby and thick as a railroad tie, but with such sweet gentleness that it brought tears to her eyes. Could it be that Tess had never truly known tender caresses, before today? From the top of her head to the sensitive soles of her feet he stroked, and slowly back up the inner side of her leg, out to the hip bone, circling her lower abdomen. Her nipples were shriveled and hard as pebbles before he touched them. Waves of tingles spread throughout her body. When, panting and shivering, she thought she could take no more, he laid a smooth, hard claw firmly against her clitoris. “Oh!” she cried out in surprise and pleasure.


What other skills does the Prairie Monster have? The complete story is available at the eretailer of your choice.

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