Monster Skin, Melancton Hawks

Before I knew monster erotica was a thing, I read Monster Skin. I met the author on Goodreads, when we were both looking for reviews for our novels. (He never responded to my invitations to read and review my novel, for what it’s worth. I owe him nothing.) I had never read anything like this book, and now that monster erotica is a genre in its own right, it occurs to me that Monster Skin fits right in. But yet, even though I am a monster erotica writer myself now, I still haven’t read anything else like it. From me, that’s always a compliment.

Hawks goes out of his way to break all kinds of taboos. Protagonist Spooky Bonsai is a vivacious, fashion-obsessed teen who prowls New York City mostly unsupervised by her nasty stepfather. She spends much of the first third of the book engaged in such a variety of sex acts that—though I hate to admit it— I’d never thought of many of them. I’d have to say I found the clinical description of Spooky’s encounters with a rich, hot nympho hermaphrodite more amusing than a turn-on.

But the story moves fast, and keeps one-upping itself. The monster in question is a cthulhu, which has the mysterious power of transferring sexual energy to/from whomever touches its skin, whether attached, or ripped off and made into an incredibly cool leather jacket.

The plot is clever and keeps the reader wondering: who is the villain? Will the monster’s power be used ultimately for good or evil? Where on earth will a virgin be found to sacrifice to the monster? (Virgin sacrifice meaning, in this case, the sacrifice of someone’s virginity.)

Hilarious, colorful, and fast-paced, Monster Skin stands out as one of my favorite books of the last few years. Highly recommended for adventurous readers with a sense of humor.

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