Monster Erotica, a Fabulous Holiday Gift

Summer of the Centaur is now available on Amazon, just in time for the monster erotica enthusiast in your life.

What, you don’t know of anyone who enjoys sexy stories about people and imaginary sentient beasts? Think of your most adventurous friends, the ones who always push boundaries; who laugh at propriety. Who likes bawdy humor? Who collects feathers and bones because they’re fascinating to look at and touch? Who reads strange and even possibly offensive books just to find out what they’re really about?

You might have a friend who likes monster erotica, even if you don’t know it; or maybe one who would like it, if she or he knew about it. You might never find out, if you don’t take the first step . . .

Centaur Cover Final




3 thoughts on “Monster Erotica, a Fabulous Holiday Gift

      • Yes, formatting conversions/cover and such are awful time-killers. I can’t make enough on my stuff to pay someone else, though.

        I have a great mockup for mine I did in Zoner Photo–problem is I borrowed the photo from the Internet, even though I altered it substantially. I’d love to use it. What are the chances I’ll get sued?

        Anyway, I’d be happy to have a copy for my Kindle whenever you’re running a download promo, or whatever you have planned. Many sales to you in the new year! -S.

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