Monster Erotica: Dead or Alive?

Monster erotica has peaked. Though people are still offering it on amazon, nobody is writing about the genre. The latest news article I can find declared it dead, and that was last March. My favorite monster erotica bloggers haven’t updated their blogs since 2014.

So it would appear that I was late to the party, and might do well to quit wasting my time. I don’t have much invested, financially, so I could cut my losses and not be much worse off.

Actually, I wouldn’t be worse off at all. I’m better off for having done what I’ve done. I’ve learned a few tricks about writing that I didn’t get from writing a novel. I’d probably know more about writing, if I’d taken more writing classes in college, or gone to some expensive writing workshop in a distant location; but instead I’ve studied writing by writing erotica. Not a bad trade-off, in my mind. And, in my painfully slow way, I’ve learned more about production and self-publishing. If I keep up, by the time I finish my current (non-erotic) novel, I just might be able to publish it in a reasonable period of time, without pulling my hair out or smashing my computer. That’s a pretty big step, for me.

And I still get new ideas. There are more monster stories to be written. I haven’t written the one about the sheela na gig and the dragon. That’ll be one for the more mature ladies, who, I believe, deserve more quality erotica aimed to them.

Another new idea just came to me this week: it would be a combination of a bigfoot story and a satire on those goofballs hanging out at the nature preserve in Oregon. Snacks, anyone? Oh boy, that’ll be a fun one to write.

They’re all fun. Writing monster erotica is hilariously delicious. Cut my losses? Ha! I’m not quitting till I’m done, and I’m not done. I may be the last hold-out, but as far as I’m concerned, the party’s just starting.

Happy 2016, folks.

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