Centaur’s Toy, Lia Avanna

The set-up for this story is that protagonist Karina is kidnapped (from a brothel? what?) by a group of centaurs. They drug her and, on orders of the boss centaur, do lots of sexy things with her. But we only get that from flashbacks from the day after, when she awakes in a clearing in a forest too dense to escape. It turns out that the centaurs are keeping her as a spoil of war (another what?).

I don’t usually read or write non-consensual sex, but this story walks the fine line between consent and non-consent. Karina, strangely, loves the rough treatment she gets from the centaurs. She wonders if the drug she was given somehow reprogrammed her to like fucking centaurs. But not for very long, because more centaurs.

The foreplay consists primarily of a marathon of blowjobs. This was a disappointment to me. I guess I’m not that into blowjobs. I could be, though, I’m not against them. One of the elements of monster erotica that I love is the potential to, shall we say, broaden the horizons of the reader. As a writer, I challenge myself to write erotica so compelling that it makes people hot for things they never would have thought to get hot for. But the key is the writing. If it’s written well, it works. If the writing is mediocre, I just might fall asleep repeatedly in the middle of the action (which I did—I had to finish reading the story the next day). So, this series of huge centaur cocks flooding Karina’s mouth with come just doesn’t do it for me. For someone who fantasizes about giving endless fellatio, it might well.

Eventually the boss centaur comes back to finish things up, and the action gets a little more interesting.

One thing that puzzled me was that the centaurs, all of them with cocks, are often referred to with a feminine pronoun. I’m guessing Avanna isn’t trying to make a statement about gender fluidity, so I have no idea why, for example, she says of the boss centaur, “She grinned wickedly, showing her straight white teeth, oddly dashing in her proud princely face.”

Conclusion, not my favorite monster erotica, but it has its moments. Definitely not the worst I’ve read.

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