Angel 6.0: Concubine, Travis Luedke

I follow Travis Luedke on Twitter, and I’ve been meaning to read something of his for a while. I chose this one because of the space cats, which I think ended up being my favorite part of this book.

Angel (short for Angelina, her genetic donor who was a famous actress in the 20th century) is a secret experiment. She’s exceptionally strong, a natural fighter, super smart, and heals minor wounds in hours. She also has a convenient trait in which pain triggers euphoria, so she doesn’t mind it a bit. She lives in a space lab, which is only supposed to be producing worker clones to supply the brutal, technologically advanced alien cats who would otherwise take over Earth. This is erotica, so of course Angel is pretty sexually uninhibited. Naturally, the cats accidentally see Angel, and they want her. And what the space cats want, they expect to get . . .

That’s the premise. It’s pretty simple, and the plot is about what you’d expect. The book is very much like the campy softcore porn that used to play on cable late at night. (Do they still do that? I haven’t had cable in years.) Not terrifically imaginative or groundbreaking, except for the cats. I’m a huge cat person, so I had to wonder why I never thought of putting sentient cats in my erotica. I’ll put it on my to-do list . . .

In any case, it’s entertaining and fun. Amazon calls it 96 pages, so it’s a good buy at $2.99.


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