New Story, Lizard vs. Cockroach

Hi folks. I know I should milk these things a little more, make some announcements and cover reveals etc etc etc but what can I say, I get impatient and I’m working at a paying job more now, pressed for time so I just wrote this story and published it today. I mean, I was working on the story for a couple weeks, longer than it seemed like it ought to take, and today I decided it was done and then took advantage of the publishing revolution we are living, in which anyone can publish anything, at any time.

So, here’s the story: a woman has moved to Austin, TX (coincidentally, the same move I made in August of this year), and she finds herself in a run-in with some enormous mutant cockroaches. (I myself have seen cockroaches here in Texas that were astoundingly large, but never felt myself to be in imminent danger.) Who is the natural enemy of cockroaches? I imagine it’s one of my favorite creatures, the lizard. So a lizard man saves her, and they go on to celebrate their humanity and aliveness together, in a beautiful way.

“Rescued by the Lizard Man” will be live on Amazon any day. Go check it out, free on Kindle Select. And please tell all your monster-loving friends, because apparently I’m not very good at telling them myself.

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