Crea DelRand’s Monster Erotica

This blog is all about monster erotica, which is to say, exploring various permutations on the theme of uniting the wild with the civilized; bridging the gap between that which is tender and vulnerable, and that which is coarse and hardy; intermingling in a most lascivious way hair, skin, sweat, mind, and raw emotion. Let’s put all these elements into a big stew pot, stir, and see what bubbles up from the unconscious.

There will be graphic content. It will not be suitable for those who are highly suggestible or who are not fully responsible for their behavior, including people under the age of eighteen.

Crea DelRand is a fictitious name, created to protect the innocent from ideas which might cause discomfort. If you want more of her writing, and wish to return to the mundane world, you may view her relatively more decent blog Veronica’s Garden.

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