Well, I’m a day late for Krampusnacht, but Mercury is just today stationing direct, so you’re probably a bit delayed in your communications as well. In any case, yesterday was Krampus’s official “holy day,” which in my opinion is the perfect time to enjoy a revision of Krampus in the form of erotica.

There are lots of articles around about Krampus, but I like this one from the illustrious National Geographic. Be sure to watch the video, it’s great.

Then, go straight to Amazon and download “Christmas Blues With Krampus,” to put another level of enjoyment into your belated Krampusnacht celebration.

Special Deal on Holiday Shifter Story!

Santa Shifter, a story about a visit from Santa the shapeshifting reindeer shaman, is on sale now, until Christmas. It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means that the sooner you buy, the better the price. Better hurry.

And Merry Christmas, monster erotica lovers. It’s the holiday I celebrate, though I’m equally happy to celebrate Solstice, or Yule, or any other holiday that you find meaningful.

Angel 6.0: Concubine, Travis Luedke

I follow Travis Luedke on Twitter, and I’ve been meaning to read something of his for a while. I chose this one because of the space cats, which I think ended up being my favorite part of this book.

Angel (short for Angelina, her genetic donor who was a famous actress in the 20th century) is a secret experiment. She’s exceptionally strong, a natural fighter, super smart, and heals minor wounds in hours. She also has a convenient trait in which pain triggers euphoria, so she doesn’t mind it a bit. She lives in a space lab, which is only supposed to be producing worker clones to supply the brutal, technologically advanced alien cats who would otherwise take over Earth. This is erotica, so of course Angel is pretty sexually uninhibited. Naturally, the cats accidentally see Angel, and they want her. And what the space cats want, they expect to get . . .

That’s the premise. It’s pretty simple, and the plot is about what you’d expect. The book is very much like the campy softcore porn that used to play on cable late at night. (Do they still do that? I haven’t had cable in years.) Not terrifically imaginative or groundbreaking, except for the cats. I’m a huge cat person, so I had to wonder why I never thought of putting sentient cats in my erotica. I’ll put it on my to-do list . . .

In any case, it’s entertaining and fun. Amazon calls it 96 pages, so it’s a good buy at $2.99.


Free/Reduced Price Monster Fun!

I have two news items to announce today:

First, for only two more days, Bigfoot Bangs the Militia is free on Amazon. Think of it as a reward for completing your taxes. Or, if you are tardy with the filing, maybe you need some good escapism. The freedom-loving protagonists of the story would wholeheartedly approve of avoiding paying taxes, any way you can.

After Monday, April 18, this story goes back to the standard price of $2.99, so download it now while it’s free!

Second item: I’ve permanently lowered the price of Lure of the Prairie Monster to $.99. It’s topical right now, as we are in prairie burning season as I write. (I’m hoping it’s mostly over, though, because the pervasive smoke is getting to all of us here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. cough cough) LotPM has writing about this dramatic seasonal practice, as well as a juicy, romantic encounter between a nature-loving human woman and a sensitive monster of the prairie.

Lure of the Prairie Monster is available on Amazon, but also Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other ebook retailers.

After you read these stories, may I humbly implore that you write a review on Amazon, goodreads, or wherever you purchased them.

Happy reading!

Monster Erotica, a Fabulous Holiday Gift

Summer of the Centaur is now available on Amazon, just in time for the monster erotica enthusiast in your life.

What, you don’t know of anyone who enjoys sexy stories about people and imaginary sentient beasts? Think of your most adventurous friends, the ones who always push boundaries; who laugh at propriety. Who likes bawdy humor? Who collects feathers and bones because they’re fascinating to look at and touch? Who reads strange and even possibly offensive books just to find out what they’re really about?

You might have a friend who likes monster erotica, even if you don’t know it; or maybe one who would like it, if she or he knew about it. You might never find out, if you don’t take the first step . . .

Centaur Cover Final




Coming Along

After several months hiatus as an erotica writer, I am finally making progress. I’m in process of uploading Summer of the Centaur to Amazon, so it won’t be much longer now before its release. Maybe you’ll be able to purchase this luscious story as a Christmas gift for the monster erotica enthusiast in your life.

Unlike my previous monster erotica offering, Lure of the Prairie Monster, this one will be available exclusively on Amazon, and if you watch carefully, you might catch one of five days when it will be free! I don’t know when they’ll be yet, but I’ll be sure to announce it here at Crea DelRand’s Monster Erotica.

Happy holidays, friends.