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Dragon of the Sheela Na Gig: excerpt


Sheela Na Gig in Fethard, Ireland. Photo Mike Searle via Wikimedia Commons

What is the meaning of these carvings set into masonry from the European middle ages? They’re often placed on churches, though the blatant exhibition of genitals certainly isn’t typical of medieval attitudes about the body, particularly the female body. Often the stonework is much older than the walls they are set into, as if they came from another structure altogether.

No one really knows why they’re there. So much of history has been lost, and only snippets of rumors hint at what may have been. One source suggests there may have been a kind of village healer, an old woman, whose methods included the display of her vulva. (I’d link it but I can’t find it now!)

I was captivated by Sheela Na Gigs long before I was an erotica writer. But since there is so little we know, our best source is our imagination, and that’s what I specialize in. In this story, the Sheela is a healer, and there’s also a dragon, because it wouldn’t be monster erotica without a monster, now, would it?

He picked wildflowers as he made his way up the forested mountain path, adding them to the ones he’d gathered in the meadow. It was said that the Sheela liked flowers. It was also said that he should follow the signs, not written in words, but carvings, set atop stone arches that stood over the path at infrequent intervals. The vulgar symbol was unmistakable: A cackling hag, naked and splaying her privates for the world to see. Though he was supposed to look up at the display as he passed under each arch, he found it difficult. The priests in the new church said that modesty was the hallmark of pious femininity; but when some of the elders of the village refused to enter a church without a Sheela Na Gig, the Father had relented and said that one could be set into the masonry, to serve as a reminder of the result of living a life of carnal sin. One would age into sagging flesh; once-youthful breasts would dangle; one would forget to comb her hair and behave decorously.


She knelt and held out her open hand to offer the gift: the yellow stone. She saw a flicker of interest in the eye, more twitching of the nostrils. She bowed her head. For a long moment there was no reaction; she began to wonder whether the stone was adequate. Perhaps it wasn’t big enough, perhaps the dragon (whom she thought of as he, though she’d never had any indication of gender from this beast) wanted something other than brimstone. Perhaps she wasn’t worthy. But she waited, until a long tongue flicked out, faster than she could track with her eyes, and wrapped around the stone. Then back into the slit of a mouth, taking the stone in. She heard the crunching of giant teeth crushing stone. She saw a ripple run down the length of the neck, until it met the torso. She saw the red glow in the belly flare brighter, and smelled the beast’s sulfurous breath. The hot wind blew her hair from her face.

The dragon lifted his great head and roared. She felt the mountain shake around her. Most people would have been terrified; but the old woman reveled in the dragon’s great power. It was power which she served; and which served her. She felt the vibration of the roar move through her body, awakening her senses, sending electricity from the top of her head, down through the neck, along the spine to the tailbone; and further down, to that deepest part of her. She breathed deeply of the hot, smoky air, raised her arms above her head, and keened in response. The two voices rose and blended into a duet. Woman and dragon swayed in rhythm to each other’s music.


I hope to release the full story at amazon by the end of this week.

Update: Here’s the link to buy it now at Amazon!


Mounted By A Monster: Under Her Bed, Mina Shay

I like the premise of this story: that the monster that has lived under Janey’s bed since she was a little girl is actually real! And he has feelings, and becomes an essential friend and confidant to heroine Janey as she grows up, so much so that she is pleased when he follows her as she moves out of her parents’ house.

Rick (as Janey calls him) is still a monster, however, so he doesn’t manage his feelings well. He becomes very protective of Janey and tends to go into violent rages whenever anyone mistreats her. Over the years, Janey has learned to “soothe” him by, at first, stroking his arm; then eventually giving him hand jobs. (We can assume that she was of age before things got sexy.) What will they do next?

The premise is original (as far as I know), and the writing is pretty good, though it does fall into standard porn cliches at the moment of truth. I’m guessing Shay’s readers don’t mind that.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the theme of a woman preventing male violence by sexually servicing the male. While Janey is presented in this story as a willing participant, I think this is an idea that often underlies sexual violence and coercion in the “real world.” I wouldn’t want to dictate how a story should be told; but I do think it’s worth pointing out the implications of ideas when they lead in a different direction than the author probably intended.

There is another way to read this story, however. I can see Rick as an embodiment of the childlike id. He hides under the bed; he’s uncontrollable and powerful and therefore terrifying. Janey gains strength by befriending him, but struggles to control his rages, particularly when faced with male violence. If the monster represents a part of Janey, then it’s of particular interest that she manages his emotions through sex. I’m not sure where that leads us, though I imagine a psychologist or psychoanalyst would have lots to say about it.

But, I don’t suppose most readers of monster erotica care to examine such literature through a Freudian, or feminist, lens. To each her own. If you just like a story that turns a childhood fear into a fun monster romp, you won’t be disappointed.

Mina Shay’s Pinterest page.

The Prairie Monster Is Real!

Well, not really, but the story about the prairie monster is now available for purchase, which makes it a real (self-)published piece of literature. Here are some places you can buy it, if you wish to. If you prefer another retailer, leave a comment and I’ll get you the link. If you support independent authors by reviewing their work, let me know and I’d love to give you a review copy.


Barnes and Noble


You can also find Lure of the Prairie Monster for Apple devices, through the bookstore at iTunes.

Lure of the Prairie Monster, Part 2


We continue our story. For part 1, click here.

Viv and Tess walked along the barbed-wire fence, lighting matches and dropping them. There were more efficient ways of igniting a pasture, but Viv liked playing with matches. Occasionally they’d turn around and watch the line of flames coming to life behind them.

“I can’t stop thinking about that –thing. I hope we see him,” said Tess.

“He better not touch any of our cattle.  I’ll shoot his ass so fast you won’t believe it.”

“Jeb Chase said the bullets bounced right off.”

And then the monster was there. He’d just stepped to the top of the hill ahead, and he towered over the two women, roaring louder than any sound she’d ever heard before. It felt as if the sound went through Tess’s body, catching up every cell in vibrations so powerful she might explode.

“Run to the truck!” yelled Viv, and took off. After a few seconds she looked back and saw she was running alone. “COME ON! RUN!!”

But Tess was paralyzed. She’d never felt so drawn to anyone or anything. She couldn’t move away, didn’t want to. She looked up at him, holding one hand to shade her eyes from the sun. His thick, rough skin had the color of weather-bleached limestone, with sparse, wiry hair sticking out in tawny tufts. And of course, there was that enormous cock, as big as her entire body. Was there a female one of these, somewhere, for him to mate with?

“Get in the truck!” Viv had pulled up on the road on the other side of the fence. “Hurry!”

Tess looked back at the monster. She took a step forward. He tilted his head down, and the massive legs bent into a crouch. She braced against his breath, like a hot wind. She was surprised that it had an earthy, organic aroma, but not unpleasant. He looked at her, with eyes that showed awareness. He was studying her. She stared into his eyes, and knew she was safe. He could swat her like a fly, but he wouldn’t.

“Over here! Get in the truck!” Viv was laying on the horn.

She took another step forward. There was darkness in her peripheral vision, then a firm, warm grip wrapped around her torso. He had fingers somewhat like an ape, but with claws more like a dog. The grip was light enough that she could wriggle out if she chose to. But she didn’t.

The hand raised her dizzyingly high in the air, and brought her against his chest. His skin was rough and hard as the native rock of the hills. She leaned in and felt the warmth, and listened to the deep, slow thud of his heart.

He walked. Tess felt in her bones the rhythm of his heavy footsteps; the long sideways sway, the drop of each gargantuan foot, vibrating the earth with the force of a boulder. After a while she peeked down at the mind-boggling erection, and was startled to notice that she was aroused. Sure, it was nice to look at, but what on earth would she do with a thing that size?

She closed her eyes, relaxing into his hand.


When he stopped walking, she looked around. She’d thought she’d known every hill in the county, but she didn’t recognize where they were. The ground was black from burning, and a thick haze of smoke hung in the air. The monster was settling himself down beside a hill, and he gently set Tess on a ledge of rock that jutted out flat, high on the side of the hill. When he lay down beside the ledge, she saw that his craggy skin made it possible for him to blend into the prairie and be invisible, for all his enormity; the blackened earth, however, left him vulnerable. If he’d wanted to eat her or otherwise harm her, he could easily have done so by now, several times over; and so she decided she was safe with him, and lay on the sun-warmed rock beside his face, wondering what would happen next.

He continued to gaze at her. His breath was hot and moist as a sauna, so warm that she was soon soaked in sweat. After a while she decided to take off her clothes. He wasn’t human, after all, so it really wasn’t any different from being naked in front of a dog or cat, was it?

There was a very low, but very loud, rumble. It was so low that she felt it rather than heard it, felt it deep in her body, in her gut, and in her pelvis. It was a pleasant feeling, and she smiled a little as she lay on the warm rock. She closed her eyes, and it wasn’t until she felt his touch that she realized that the rumble was coming from him, from his throat. And the touch –oh, the touch. Who would ever have imagined that the touch of this giant, lumbering, prairie monster could be so delicate? He stroked her with a finger that was stubby and thick as a railroad tie, but with such sweet gentleness that it brought tears to her eyes. Could it be that Tess had never truly known tender caresses, before today? From the top of her head to the sensitive soles of her feet he stroked, and slowly back up the inner side of her leg, out to the hip bone, circling her lower abdomen. Her nipples were shriveled and hard as pebbles before he touched them. Waves of tingles spread throughout her body. When, panting and shivering, she thought she could take no more, he laid a smooth, hard claw firmly against her clitoris. “Oh!” she cried out in surprise and pleasure.


What other skills does the Prairie Monster have? The complete story is available at the eretailer of your choice.

Lure of the Prairie Monster

It was never long enough, when they made love. Tess would have lingered for hours under the weight of his burly body, twisting her fingers through his wiry beard, feeling his heart beating on her chest. But too soon he rolled away, making a wordless sound deep in his throat. She rolled toward him, resting her arm on his torso, savoring the contrast of his rough, hairy chest against the delicate smoothness of her skin. For a moment they lay there, in reverie. Then he roused himself with a shake of his head and spoke.

“I don’t think this is working out.”

She rolled her back to him, pulling a sheet over her nakedness, and curled up in a ball. “I thought it was going pretty well.” She knew where this conversation was headed, and she wouldn’t prolong the process. The relationship was already in the past tense.

“You need so much. I can’t give you enough. You know, it’s terrifying to a man to be with a woman who needs more than he does.”

And just like that, it was over.

They dressed without looking at each other. He clicked on the tv. Typical of a man to distract himself from feeling the pain of the moment, she thought.

“. . . Authorities are at a loss to explain the large animal that has been terrorizing the region today. Local residents are hoping anxiously that they’ll figure out sooner rather than later what it is, and what to do about it. At least one rancher claims it damaged a number of his cattle.”

Cut to a sun-wrinkled man in a plaid button-down shirt, the words, “Jeb Chase, Rancher” across the bottom of the screen. “It was as big as Godzilla. I tell you, it was huge. Walked on two legs. Scooped up three cows and ate ’em in one bite. I tried to shoot it with my hunting rifle but the bullets just bounced off.”

“Oh my god, this can’t be for real!” Tess cried, as they watched footage of the bloody remains of the cattle, alternating with clips from various Godzilla movies. “It’s right in this area! You know Jeb Chase, don’t you?”

He didn’t answer. He put on his shoes and walked out the door.


“Dude was a loser, you could do so much better.” Her friend Viv had come to pick her up to go to her brother’s ranch and help out on a controlled prairie burn. Mopey, Tess had just been coming out of the shower when Viv arrived.

“I thought we had good chemistry.”

“The guy couldn’t even hold a conversation. He was all, ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane.'”

“Maybe I get enough witty conversation from my girlfriends. There are some things you can only get from a man.”

“Whoa! Check it out!” Viv was thumbing her phone while she waited. “What is that thing?”

“Hey! They got some footage!”

He actually wasn’t nearly as large as Godzilla. Maybe the original Godzilla, the one who was 30-40 feet tall. It was hard to judge, though, since the creature was in open prairie, not near any buildings or man-made structures to compare by. “I don’t think he’s Godzilla. See how he’s more hairy than scaly?”

“How do you know it’s a he?” said Viv, who was a feminist, and resisted gender assumptions.

As if on cue, the monster turned a profile to the camera, displaying a fully erect, very impressive phallus.

“Definitely a he.”


Click here for the second installation of the story.