She Craves the Satyr: Villa, Celia Dunroy

I’d read Celia Dunroy’s blog and thought I’d like her stories, so I asked her if I could review one. She sent me this new piece about an encounter with a satyr, and I loved it.

Heroine Lady Aislinn is a noble lady of a more feudal era who lives in her father’s household, as she is as yet unmarried. She secretly entertains a satyr in her room, where she avoids civilized society by feigning migraines. Her essential conflict squeezes Lady Aislinn between fulfilling her role as a proper lady, and throwing off the strictures of society to run wild in the magical forest with her half-feral lover.

Dunroy does a marvelous job of illustrating this conflict with one deliciously erotic scene. Who says literary fiction can’t be graphically sexy? This might be the first erotic story I’ve ever re-read just to enjoy the well-crafted writing. I hope she releases it soon, because the world needs more of this quality of monster erotica.