An incredible sculpture garden lies on the expansive lawn of Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I had lots of feelings about many of the pieces, but Ursula von Rydingsvard’s statement struck me: “I am drawn to that part of the world where manmade walls erode in a way where there is no longer a strict line between that which man has made and that which nature has made.” Oh Ursula, so am I. That’s what Crea DelRand monster erotica is all about, the dissolution of boundaries between the wild and the civilized. I wonder if she likes monster erotica?

The sculpture she was talking about is called Three Bowls. Despite my imagined kinship with von Rydingsvard, I found her piece to be singularly not sexy. Some of the Henry Moore works were quite a bit more suggestive, which amuses me, as my parents were big fans, and I wonder how my mom would’ve responded had I said, Hey, that sculpture called Sheep Piece looks like a couple of sheep, you know, getting it on.

Let’s take inspiration and beauty wherever we find them, in high art or in cheap, sensational erotica. I love it all.