Oh Editing

Oh editing.

My daughter is doing Camp NaNo this year, which is NaNoWriMo but in April. So that has given me some impetus to get on the editing of the draft I wrote last November. It needs major changes, including making some serious decisions about the direction and purpose of the book. Is it even going to be erotica by the time I’m done? I don’t know. The task is daunting and calls for bold, decisive action.

So my goal is to get through the draft this month. To work on it every day, to see what happens.

Maybe next month I’ll have something to share with you, my loyal audience (such as you exist at all).

Oh editing.

Did Mary Magdalene enjoy hot springs?

The kinds of things you learn when you research for writing erotica: There are hot springs near two places where Mary Magdalene was said to have lived, namely, the town of Magdala, and what is today known as the Provence region of France.

The city of Magdala is said to have lain between the current town of Migdal and Mount Arbel, about three miles north of Tiberias, on the shore of the Sea (lake) of Galilee.
Mary is said to have lived in a cave at Saintes Maries de la Mer. (Lower left.)

Okay, I will admit the latter location is a little farther from the hot springs (“thermes,” en Francais), but I’m calling it close enough for me to imagine she could live in a place where she could take hot baths whenever she wanted. I just like hot baths.

Sadly, they are all closed at this time, because of the plague. One of the pleasures of erotica is that we can enjoy an imaginary world in which there is no disease.

I’m aiming for a full novel this time, so it might take longer than the usual short stories. I’ll keep you posted on when this book might be published. Till then, you’ll have to make do with my older monster erotica stories, available on amazon.