Meeting the Mermaid, excerpt

eye of fish2Here’s a second excerpt from the mermaid story. I hope to release the full story by the end of the week. 

I sit up and look around. It’s then that I see her: a face, a human face, swaying in the waves and watching me. It must have been she who placed me on this rock, who saved me. Her wet hair is swept off her forehead, her brow bones and chin delicate. Her eyes are very large and round, with black irises so deep you could fall into them, surrounded by a ring of pupil in silvery gray with speckles of pink and teal. Her skin has a faint sheen in the same colors. Though finely proportioned, her head is oddly large.

She’s the most heartbreakingly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Instantly I’m taken by the most intense desire to be near her, to touch her, to be touched by her in every way. If I were standing, I’d be weak in the knees.

Our eyes meet. I’m captivated. I’m not wondering how she got out here in the ocean, or where I am for that matter, I just want to fall into those lovely alien eyes, to drink them like a rare liqueur distilled by monks in a remote castle on a crag overlooking the sea. Those eyes could cure me of every malady, could bolster me to superhuman strength. I don’t even realize that I’m in the water now, moving toward her as fast as I can without losing contact with those luscious eyes.

And then she smiles, just a little one, lips curling up slightly at the ends. Luscious lips I want to touch, to taste, to be one with. Is that possible? I don’t care. But she’s not to be caught, and she suddenly dips down below the surface, and in her place the tail comes up, that same unfamiliar fish I saw earlier. It breaches and before I can react, arms encircle me from behind, pinning my own arms to my sides. And my legs are held too, wrapped around by something big and thick. I look down and between the glints of sun reflecting on the surface, I can see scales. It’s that tail. Somehow the tail and the arms work as one.



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Taste the Watery World

It’s been half a year since NaNoWriMo, and it’s past time to get back to my romance novel. So I’ve reread it this past week, and I have some ideas for what I want to do next. But I was talking to a friend recently and she wanted to know if all my erotica is hetero. I told her I’d had an idea for a F/F mermaid story, and she loved that, so I promised her I’d dedicate it to her when I write it.

Whenever I think I’m going to take a break from monster erotica, I get an idea for another story.

Maybe I can work on both at the same time . . .

Well, here’s a beginning. It’s not done yet but it’s a taste of the watery world of my upcoming story, which doesn’t even have a name yet.

Falling into the water like a cool embrace, like coming back into the womb. The womb of the earth. It’s where I always come when the sharpness of sound through air becomes unbearable, when taking air into my lungs feels like a violation. When my tender feet are no match for the ubiquitous, unyielding concrete of the city. I need to be in the water.

I sail my little boat far enough from the shore that I won’t be bothered by any unwanted company, and drop an anchor. I drop my clothes on the deck and slip, quiet as an eel, into the ocean. The waves rise and fall relentlessly, and I let myself be a plaything of the water. A school of little fishes rives around me, some brushing my skin as they pass. The fish aren’t afraid of me.

Then I see her. But at the moment I don’t know she’s a her. I don’t know anything, just that there’s a glimmer of light reflected off pearlescent scales, a tail tip disappearing into the water. I duck down to see below the surface, but she’s too fast for my eyes, just a shadow shifting among the waves by the time I’m able to focus. It’s not any kind of fish I’ve ever seen.