Mounted By the Minotaur, Persephone Parsons

Mounted By the Minotaur is a fun short story. Callie is a strong female heroine, who is comfortable in her body. The premise is that New York’s Central Park has been transformed into a Garden of Unearthly Delights, which is allegedly safe to tour during the day, but terrifying dangers await anyone who finds herself there in the night. This premise works well as the basis of a series, from a practical perspective; while at the same time it is a powerful literary device to transform space which is, at one level or another, familiar to the reader into a place where one’s deepest fears and urges are manifested into reality.

The story has some fearful moments, but the sex is consensual, and let’s just say that the minotaur is sensitive to the needs of a lady.

It’s hard to end an erotic story. Where do you go after the (literary as well as physical) climax? Does a reader really care at that point? This one had an end I found intriguing, if not entirely convincing. But, it’s monster erotica, you want believability?

I give Mounted four stars out of five.