Ensnare: The Librarian’s Lover, by Mac Flynn

A tentacle story that takes place in a library . . . well, that’s unusual. (If you don’t want unusual, you probably ought to skip the monster erotica genre.) Leslie is a mousy student working in the college library. I found it refreshing that the heroine is a regular girl with some self-esteem issues, unlike the porn trope of every female character being young, hot, and athletic, with perfect breasts. For those who want the hot girl, Flynn gives you one in the beginning, when Leslie watches the hot boy she has a crush on making out in the library with his girl du jour.

But more interesting things are in store for Leslie. There are predatory bullies to contend with, an annoying co-worker, and a stern but kind boss. All Leslie wants to do is look at that strange book that mysteriously appeared in the book return. And she’s not really a risk-taker, but that book might inspire some changes in her, as well as some help for the self-esteem.

Possibly a bit long on set-up, and I didn’t really get why the back of the library seems as big as the stacks, and is laid out like a labyrinth, but neither of those was a big deal.

It’s a really sweet story, with a feel-good ending, and delicious erotica along the way.