Monster Erotica and the Dissolution of Boundaries

My research indicates that monster erotica readers have wide interests, and the sexually-oriented media they consume crosses genders and orientations without a second thought. We already know they read stories about sex between sentient species. Surely monster erotica readers do not agree with the sexually intolerant, repressive rhetoric that the extreme right is so fond of spewing. So, while I usually avoid politics here on my blog, I’m going out on a limb today.

The US presidential election really threw me for a few days. I wasn’t entirely happy with the choices, but as an erotica writer, I’m particularly appalled that we’re going to have that man as our President. And that other man as our Vice President.

Hateful, intolerant rhetoric is more than ugly words. It instills fear, and encourages people to close up, hole up, shut down. As the election illustrated brilliantly, vilifying groups of people goes hand in hand with building walls.

In contrast, my highest goal is the dissolution of boundaries. Let the imagination flower across all lines, and traverse every verge. Let there be mingling of every disparate desire and thought. Let love seep through every blockade. Let whatever divisions the mind seeks to hold be revealed to be illusion.

How can this happen in a time of blatant demagoguery? Of unabashed dehumanization of the other? Of unprecedented polarization?

It occurs to me that now, more than ever, the world needs monster erotica.

And so, for the greater good, all my Amazon titles will be free over the next few days. Check my author page to see which ones are free from day to day. Please help yourself to any story you haven’t read yet, and let the boundaries within your own consciousness be dissolved.

shaman-santas-giftAlso, look for my new title, Santa Shifter, on Black Friday. It’s still under review at Amazon, but will probably be available for pre-order tomorrow or Wednesday.

Thank you all for being with me in these challenging times.

Who Reads Monster Erotica?

I read a tip about book marketing, which was to imagine the ideal reader for a particular book (in this case, people who read about people uniting with imaginary non-human creatures). Imagine what kind of bag that person carries. What are all the things in it? Or, imagine a room in the reader’s house. What does it look like? What objects are there?

In a similar vein, I went to Pinterest and searched “monster erotica books.” Then I went to the pages of people who pinned monster erotica-themed pins. Here are some recurring themes I saw:

Lots of books, naturally, including:
Body humor. Jokes about elimination. Jokes about sex.
Recreational drugs (Didn’t see any references to using drugs, just books about them.)
Pulp fiction
Horror, emphasis on the grotesque
Anything by Anne Rice
Children’s books:
Satirical, inappropriate versions of real books or characters
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Hunger Games
J.R.R. Tolkien
Fantasy and Romance genres

Silent Hill
Walking Dead
Royalty, as a theme in books as well as boards about real royal people

It’s tempting to draw conclusions from this list about monster erotica readers. But I think it’s early yet. I’m not ready to commit to anything more than monster erotica readers like to explore the limits of propriety. But we might have already assumed that, mightn’t we? I’ll continue to research this question.

Writers, who are your readers? Readers, what would you like writers to know about you?